Chapter 1 - The Cast

Bobby Koenig

Kang Li

Running Bear

Ben Johnson

Laura Whitmore

Robert L Koenig
Bobby's Father
Stella Koenig
Bobby's Mother
Mr. Porter
Their Teacher
Abraham Lincoln
March 4, 1861 – April 15, 1865 President of the USA
James Buchanan
Preceded Lincoln as President
The Store Owner

The Blacksmith

The Sheriff

The Deputy

The Reverend

The Corral Owner

The Saloon Owner

The Mayor

General Fitzpatrick

Train Conductor

Chinese Worker Leader

Indian Tracker

Town Drunk

The Gunslinger


Bobby's Horse

Bobby's Dog



General Ulysses S. Grant

Robert E. Lee

Introduction - Bobby Koenig

As I have stated, this may rival Harry Potter. I can not go into much detail at this point without a NDA.

One movie might be called 'Silver Mountain', or 'The Zirg'.